October Plan With Me

Hello everyone! I am so excited to share another month of my bullet journal with you! I was really excited with how many of you told me how my original post on how to set up a bujo (bullet journal slang) and September setup inspired you to start your very own! That is the whole reason I wanted to share it, because I knew how much this journaling system had helped me and I knew that it was bound to help others as well! So, once again, thank you so much and if you decide to start or get inspired by what I show you here, please, please tag me on instagram @girlirae or send me an email at girlirae@gmail.com showing me your creation because it would honestly make me SO happy! If you missed my first post on bullet journaling, then click here to read it, because I go into a lot more detail with everything and it will be easier to understand the layout! 
Now, onto October!
So for October, I decided to go with a mixture of creepy Halloween decoration, mixed with autumn and fall accents. I live in AZ where we don’t really get a fall season, so I wanted to see it, at least, in my journal! I was really excited to use some of the techniques and tricks that I had found in some YouTube videos! One of which was this faux- water color technique that I saw in Plant Based Bride’s August Planning Video (and you can see the technique I’m talking about at around 7:50 into the video) She explains and shows it in much better detail than I would be able to here, but you basically draw onto plastic first what shades you’d like to put down and then sprinkle a little water onto the plastic, then turn the plastic over and press down onto your page. The moon in my October cover page was done using this technique and I am in love with how it turned out! Some tips I have for using this technique are that you want to make sure you lay a piece of sturdy paper down underneath the page you are working on so that water doesn’t bleed all over your notebook and to also not drench the plastic with water. Since most journals are not made out of water color paper, they will start to ripple and weaken when too much water is applied. So it may be worth it to practice on a sheet first so that you know how much or how little water you’ll want to use! The rest of my page and the rest of the sheets I included in this month were done using my Tombow Dual Brush Pens, and my Sakura Micron Pens

I kept a lot of the same pages for this month as I did last month, but I also did change alot. SO, for what I kept the same: I kept my social media trackers because it was super helpful to me so that I could be aware of how much time I was or wasn’t spending on social media. It’s really easy to get sucked into wasting all your time flipping through Instagram so I enjoyed that spread alot. I also kept my blog notes and miscellaneous pages the same because they just add a great space to write down any thoughts you have in an organized way. The way that I kept track of what notes I had accomplished (if they were a To-Do) was that I highlighted them to basically cross them out using one of my Tombow markers. I thought it looked more aesthetically pleasing then actually crossing them out with a pen and it showed me how much progress I was making throughout the month. 
If I had to choose one thing that I LOVE the most about my bujo and basically one of the reasons why I will absolutely continue to use it month after month, it is because of my bill tracker! I love my bill tracker so much because that is an aspect of my life that I could NEVER seem to get a hold on. I had so many small $5-$10 monthly subscriptions here and there which seem little, but even if you have just 5 of them, BAM that’s $50 and that can make a big difference to some people on a budget! Once I had paid a bill I would check it off and highlight it and it came to the point where I was actually excited to pay a bill because then I could check it off my list. It was also a great feeling knowing that all my bills that month were accounted for and I wasn’t left wondering if I was behind on something. If this is an issue in your life, I highly recommend copying this spread to use for yourself! Some smaller bills you may want to remember are: spotify, hulu, netflix, hbo now, gym memberships, or any monthly box subscriptions you may have! You also obviously would want to put down your essentials like: rent, mortgage, car payments, utilities, or anything automatic debits from your account! I can’t tell you how much stress this has relieved from my days, because with having all my personal as well as business bills all organized, I noticed that I felt much happier throughout the month. It’s important to remember how much money can have a negative or positive affect on your life and mood! (Also, I blurred out the lines on my bill tracker because as much as I wanted to share this awesome spread with you, I don’t need the world seeing exactly what I got goin on financially!) 

You may notice, if you read my last post, that I have changed a lot for this month! My monthly overview I switched to a traditional box layout just to see how I’d like it since I have WAY more going on this month than I did in September. I totally trashed the habit tracker that I had put in place for last month because I honestly barely used it and I actually felt guilty for not using it. Trust me when I say, I have enough things in life to make me feel guilty, I don’t need it from my bujo too! So I replaced my habit tracker with a mood and sleep tracker. ( I copied my mood tracker from the amazing @amandarachdoodles ) I wanted to see how my sleep was affecting my mood since those are two aspects of my life that I have been trying to be more aware of! We’ll see how I like it for October, but so far, I am very excited for it. 
And lastly, I added a page for me to keep track of all of the items I am going to be making for upcoming fall makers’ markets! Keeping inventory in my shop is one of the hardest parts for me, so I felt that having a tracker for in my journal was essential. I already know that it’s going to be great for me since I started using it the second it was actually inked into my journal! 

Tips and Resources for Beginners:

Now that I have a bit of a better understanding of what I do and don’t like so far, I want to share it with you! Amanda Rachel Lee and Ali Freie on Youtube have some great monthly planning videos that I’ve been getting some inspiration from! Amanda has more of a colorful and decorated approach, and Ali has more of a minimalist aesthetic! I find myself somewhere in the middle, so I enjoy watching both of them. 
Some of my favorite instagram inspirations are @amandarachdoodles, @bumblebujo and @inkbyjeng! 
I also want to add and emphasize that these bullet journals are meant to simplify your life! So if you don’t want to go all out and draw in every page, then don’t! My mom recently started journaling as well, but she primarily uses it for work notes during meetings, meaning that she still wants it to look professional enough to take to a meeting. So she doesn’t embellish every page, but it works for her! So feel free to go as crazy or as simplified as you want! Another tip I have for anyone nervous to actually START the journal process, is to use pencil! I usually will sketch out some ideas for pages I have in pencil first and go over it in pen, then just erase the pencil. That way if you mess up, its NO BIG DEAL. 
And my last piece of advice: dedicate a page (towards the back of your journal) to testing out pens and markers, so that you can see how they write on your pages and if they bleed through the pages. Nobody wants that! So test them out first! 🙂 

Materials Used This Month:

Tombow Dual Brush Pens:
N00 (blender)
Sakura Pigma Micron 03 ( 0.35mm )
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