The Sedona Gloves – FREE Crochet Pattern

Hey guys! I’m back with another freebie for you all that is so easy, it’s gonna blow your mind! (maybe not, but let’s just roll with it, k?)
So, living in AZ, it never gets quite cold enough to justify full on gloves or mittens, but it does get chilly enough to justify these crazy cute fingerless gloves! This week it reached the 70’s here in Phoenix, and for an Arizona local, that is sweater weather. 😉 With fall now upon us, I thought it would be the perfect time to share this pattern with you!  They go with so many outfits and you can still text, or swipe through instagram or swipe left, swipe right for your next boo, whatever you want to do, these gloves allow you to do that with letting your fingers free and your hands cozy! I call this pattern a crochet beginner level because you really just need basic crochet knowledge to finish. If you get stuck on any stitch along the way, YouTube is my go to for any crochet stitch questions, but as always, feel free to email me at with any questions. If you make these cute gloves, please tag me or send me a pic so I can see your creations!  Now, let’s get makin!
If you’re the type that likes to download a PDF to print out, you can purchase the PDF pattern here for just $2!
Technique: Crochet, beginner level These fingerless gloves are made with bulky (5) weight yarn. I used Loops&Threads, facets, (pictured in the color smoked topaz)
K Crochet Hook (6.5 mm)
Bulky Weight Yarn
Darning Needles (to weave in ends)
ch – chain
sl st- slip stitch
st/sts – stitch/stitches
sc – single crochet
hdc – half double crochet
sk – skip
FLO – front loop only
dc – double crochet
 4 dc = 1” x 1.5”
The Pattern: 
Both right and left gloves are identical. There is no right or wrong side, so once you are done with the steps, repeat them again for the second glove!
1. Ch 8
2. Sc across starting in the 2nd chain from the hook. Ch 1, turn.
3. Sc across in FLO, ch 1, turn.
4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until you reach 16 rows.
5. Join sides so that the ribbing is vertical. Turn inside out so that the seam faces inwards.
6. Ch 1, sc in each space around. Join to the first stitch with a sl st.
7. Ch 1, hdc the round. Join with a sl st.
8. Repeat for 4 more rounds (5 total hdc rounds)
9. Ch 1, hdc 3 sts. Ch 3, sk next 3 sts. Sl st into next stitch. Hdc into next st. Hdc the rest of the sts in round. Join with a sl st.
10. Ch 1, hdc in each st around. Join with sl st.
11. Ch 1, *dc in first st. Ch 1, sk next stitch. Dc in next st* Repeat from “ * “ to end. Join with a sl st. 12. Finish off, weave in ends.
13. Repeat steps 1-12 for the second glove!
14. All done! Enjoy your new gloves and stay cozy.
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