Crochet Barrel Cactus – FREE Pattern

Ok guys, I’ve got a good one for you! If you don’t know by now, I’m from Arizona. Been living here for about 15 years. And if you’re an Arizona native and don’t love cactus, I’m sorry but you’re a freak. Sorry bout it. Anyway, earlier this year I decided to try to make a few of these cuties and it was the best decision I could have made. My little cactus buddies give me so much JOY, just by looking at them. Since June, I’ve made about 40 of them, some for craft shows, some for orders for my shop and some just for decor and gifts! And now its your turn to make some, because lets be honest, you NEED these in your life! 
Disclaimer: These little guys work up SUPER fast, so you’re probably gonna make a shit ton, can’t say I didn’t warn you. Now, on to the pattern, enjoy 🙂 

Crochet Barrel Cactus 

If you’re the type that likes to save a PDF pattern to dropbox or iBooks, for your convenience you can buy an ad-free pattern here.
Weaving needle
3.75 mm crochet hook 
2 colors of worsted weight yarn (one for cactus and one for the flower) 
2’’ terracotta pot (can be found at Michael’s)
Hot glue gun 
Fiber fill stuffing
ch- chain
st- stitch
sts- stitches 
sl st- slip stitch  
sc- single crochet  
BLO- back loop only  

Cactus​ ​Pattern: 
(with the color you chose for cactus) 
Ch. 14 (leave a long tail at least 5’’) 
1. Sc in 2nd ch from the hook, and in every ch until you reach the end. (13 sts) 
2. Ch 1, turn your work. Sc in the BLO of the 2nd ch from the hook and in every ch until you reach the end of the row. (13 sts) (this will create a ribbing effect as you continue on) 
3. Rows 3-26, repeat row 2, after row 26 your work should look like this:
4. Ch 1. Fold your work in half vertically so that row 1 lines up with row 26. Sc through both loops of row 1 and row 26 together. Continue along the row until your reach the end . Once you reach the end of the row, sl st and snip your yarn. Be sure to leave a long tail of at least 5’’. 
5. Take your weaving needle and cinch one end closed using the long tail, weave in the end and secure with a knot.
6. Generously stuff the open end with fiber fill or scraps of yarn to form the shape of the barrel.
7. Repeat step 5 for the other end. You should now have a fully formed barrel cactus! Now for the flower!
Flower​ ​Pattern: 
(using the color you chose for the flower) 
1. Ch 2. Sc 6 into the 2nd ch from the hook. Do not sl st. 
2. All in the first st, hdc, dc, hdc, sl st. 
3. Repeat in next 5 sts to form 6 total petals. Sl st to first petal.
Attach flower to top of barrel. Secure with hot glue if needed. With hot glue gun, apply glue to inside rim of terracotta pot along all edges about ¼’’ away from the rim. Place cactus firmly into pot and ta da! Your cactus is complete! Let glue dry completely before moving. Please let me know if you have any questions at and tag me in your work on instagram @girlirae so I can see your cute creations! 🙂
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