Stuff I Loved In May

For most of the month of May, I was counting down the days until I could go on vacation. I stayed up late a lot, overslept a lot, and rushed through my morning routines…. A LOT! But, to be honest, that’s not too different from normal. Except the vacation part, I do not go on vacations nearly as much as I’d like. But, more on that later. Basically, during May, I was a little lazy. That’s why I found pleasure in more simple things, rather than my normal makeup loves! 
Now that I think about it, May was a lot like April for me, which was a lot like March. I honestly just feel like 2016 is flying by way too fast! I know when I was younger, adults would tell me constantly that as you get older, time goes by faster. I really hate to admit that they were right. :/ but they were. I realized that this month and it gave me a sense of clarity to enjoy things as they are happening so I don’t feel like time is getting away from me. 
Now onto my faves this month!


I have always loved knitting/crocheting (theres a difference) . It may have been my first love! I always start to get more into it in the summer and then continue it on into the winter. Maybe just because I feel as if there is so much inspiration around in the summer. All the colors, good food, vacationing! I decided to start this home decor blanket a few weeks ago. I was on my weekly Michael’s Store trip (because I’m a craft addict) and I saw this BEAUTIFUL and extremely soft yarn. I thought it would be perfect to start a chevron pattern blanket with. I know it will most likely take me months to finish this blanket, because it is such a huge project, I like to do a bunch in spurts, put it down and go back later. 
If I had to choose one over the other, I would choose crocheting. There are SO many projects you can make. Some of my faves are: crochet crop tops, bottomless sandals, blankets, rugs, wall hangings…blah blah you get it. There are endless possibilities! Pinterest is go to for me if I run out of inspiration. One of my favorite Youtubers for crocheting is a girl name Krystal Everdeen. She is cute as a button and mostly does tutorials on crochet crop tops (festival wear). She (I believe) just graduated high school, so she’s young, but seriously talented. Another favorite is Bella Coco Crochet on YouTube. She’s from across the pond and has a charming accent while giving very clear and EASY tutorials for almost any project you can think of. 
I’ve toyed around with the idea of making YouTube videos for a while and if I did, there would most certainly be some crocheting/diy videos in there. If you’ve never tried, I highly suggest it. So relaxing, and in the end, you have a beautiful, handmade item to be proud of!


THIS BOOK! Praise Sophia Amoruso! I’ve read this book, #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, twice I think, maybe more. It is such an empowering and inspirational book! This book follows Sophia’s path as she built her empire and company Nasty Gal, and how she basically went from “rags to riches”. There is a paragraph in the book where Sophia states that by the end of the book you’ll be begging to get your hands on some work because of how inspired you’ll be (paraphrasing) – and trust me, you will be. I re-read this book because I was having a lull in motivation for my business lately. I wanted to change something, refresh something, make something new. It did just that for me- again! It reminded me to take a step back and look at my business objectively. 
At each chapter of the book there are little motivational drawings that are really cute and keep with the theme of empowerment. She states at the beginning of the book that it is not a feminist book- but it is, in a good way. It bothers me that “feminism” has a bad connotation from some women out there that take the word to mean bashing men. No, that is not what feminism is all about. It is on the simplest level: empowering other women. Lifting other women up. Inspiring one another.  I can’t even say how much I love this book, not because it’s the greatest book of all time, because I think that would be silly to say. But, when I read this book the first time, I had some definite insecurities rising up, I was unsure of where the next step of my career was taking me, and I was in desperate need for an inspiration to fall into my lap. This book did that and more for me. I highly, highly, recommend any woman who has any doubts or self limitations on herself seeking a new perspective! 
” A #GIRLBOSS knows when to throw punches and when to roll with them” 

Benefit’s Dandelion Blush

Simply put, this is the perfect blush for summer. On a recent trip to Denver, CO, it was the only blush I took. Natural and light pink, makes you feel like a fresh little fairy, while melting your ass off in the 110 degree weather! 🙁 I mean really, tell me everyone else is struggling hard with this hot summer too. 
Benefit is a really great company for makeup. This blush (as well as all their other shades) last all day long! If you’re not too into pink blushes, Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer would be a great alternative to give a healthy glow this summer! 

Shade and Light Eye Palette

If you’ve read any of my previous posts or Makeup Monday tutorials, you’ve probably noticed that 1) I love almost all of the Kat Von D beauty line and 2) The Shade and Light Face Palette is by far my fave for contouring and highlight. 
I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this Shade and Light Eye Palette for awhile and I wish I just would have given into the hype of it months ago! Like I said earlier, during the month of May, I was L-A-Z-Y! This palette is great for us not-so early birds because the eyeshadows are semi paired in quads. One for the base, crease, contour and highlight- all for your eyes! Makes it very simple to create a natural smokey eye in minutes. Easily allowing you to get those 10,15 or 20 minutes of extra sleep in the morning 😉

Instax Mini 8

I’ve had my Instax “poloroid” camera for almost a year now. I have the coral color but they come in almost every color in the rainbow, plus black and white. It’s my go to camera for parties, family, special events, because it takes great “nostalgia” photos! It like an instant pic with an Instagram filter built in. I especially love taking it with me when I visit my young cousins because it’s like a toy to them! I let them take as many pics as they want (with adult supervision) because, for me, it’s not so much about how good the pictures are they take. It’s about watching them get so excited to take them and then watch the photo “magically” come out the top. The joy in their eyes is priceless and the pics turn out pretty good for a 6 year old taking them. I also love collecting them as tokens from fun parties. They’ll be photos I can look back on and remember the good times I had at festivals or when my boyfriend and I rented our first house and had our first house party. They capture memories in a way that even my nice Sony camera cannot capture! 
May was a good month for me. I have a lot of exiting trips coming up this summer that I will no doubt be documenting for you and exciting things for my business coming up too! If you have any of these items and love them too, let me know! I love talking about things that I love! Also, if you have any recommendations for some biographies, let me know. I’ve been on a reading kick and want to discover some great reads for the summer! 
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