Dude, My Skin is SO Soft

I am not a mask-er. I actually hadn’t taken much a notice to in depth skin care until this year really. Sure, I would wash my face and all that jazz, but I didn’t really think about going in any deeper with my skincare. This past year and some of 2015, I found some companies via Instagram like, Vanity Planet, Blackout and Jealous Body and it opened my eyes and my mind to the depths of skincare and masking!  More posts to come soon on the other companies, but right now I want to focus on this “odd” looking mask. 
It’s called the Blackout Mask, named for just that reason, its a blackout…on your face. I thought it was so weird when I first saw. “Who would want to put that on their face?” – It’s made from activated charcoal and coconut, and some other stuff you can find here. There are two types of masks they offer, a black one, as shown above, and a white one. The black one is meant to reduce redness, help with oil control, preventing breakouts and hydrating. The white mask is meant to tighten skin, prevent fine lines and also hydrate! Sounds good, huh?
I ordered the single blackout mask, which also came with a little applicator brush and I also order an 8 pack of the dehydrated wipes. I was fascinated with these. They come in a pack much like a pack of antibiotics. You pop them out, drop them in a bowl of water and voila they hydrate into moistened toilette to wipe off the mask with out having to get your nice face towels all dirty. Not like I really have that many nice face towels. But that’s irrelevant. These things are handy AF. 

The Process:

Ok so first you should wash your face. Preferably with warm water to open up your pores so that the mask can really sink in and get into the nitty gritty. 
Then, big surprise, you apply the mask, with the little applicator brush provided and put a generous amount all over your face. Avoid your eyes and mouth please, no need going blind for the sake of beauty 😉
Cute, huh?
Next, set your alarm for roughly 15-20 mins. Or until dry. It feels tightening but not too badly. I know it can get boring waiting those 15-20 mins, maybe you can take that time to read some of my other posts 😉 sorry for the shameless plug, I couldn’t help myself. 

Time to wipe off now. 
Wipes off nicely! 
After removed, apply a toner to your face to close up the pores and moisturize! It’s important! 

Final Thoughts

I like it! Will I purchase again? Yes! I’ve read that you can get about 8 uses out of one pack, so I won’t have to repurchase for a while. I’ll keep you guys updated if I change my opinion, but as for now I’d say it’s great. It’s been 4 days since I used it and I can notice a difference in the sizes of my pores and no new breakouts! Thank gawd. I always get nervous of that when using a new product. Oh, and did I mention how INCREDIBLY SOFT my skin is now. It’s like a baby’s butt! 
Let me know of any other masks you’ve tried! I’m on a hunt now for more. It was a good experience I would like to continue! Or let me know if you have tried this mask. I haven’t read of any bad experiences with this mask so far. (BTW, this is not sponsored by Blackout, I just liked it so much I wanted to review it for you all. I’m sure Blackout has no clue who I am!) 
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