Perfect Work Shoes

About a month ago I started really working extra hard at work, and I mean like 10 hour days all week. It really exhausted me, but it was something I wanted to do for my business! However, all that working in crappy sandals and flats with no foot support really took a toll on my feet, back and overall energy. I was telling my mom about it, per usual, and she said I needed new shoes. But, I work in a salon, I didn’t want to get some chunky orthopedic shoes to work to work every day, because, whether you like it or not, people will judge you even on the tiniest thing like shoes. 
Funny enough, a couple weeks later, I was at Nordstrom Rack in Phoenix and saw these shoes. I had always said that I looovee TOMS shoes to wear to work, but sometimes when I wear them, they can look a little casual or sporty for work– until I saw these babies! They had a cute black zebra pattern, right up my alley and my “all black” aesthetic, and upon closer inspection, I saw that they were made from TOMS. I could have screamed, I was so excited. The way TOMS works is really that the regular slip ons start off expensive (for slip ons, in my opinion) and just go up from there based on how “cute” they were. I knew these styles in particular ran for about $70-$80 (later checked on site and they are $84)– so I was a little scared to turn the shoe over and see the discounted price at NR… they were $30! I was immediately upset that they didn’t have more in any other colors because I would have bought them all. Honestly, $54 off…YAASSSS!

These flats don’t lack in comparison to the regular TOMS slip ons. They are comfy as can be and really feel like they give me the support I need at work while still being stylish. They are my favorite closed toe shoe to work in. I’m not really sure how Nordstrom Rack works, like if they have the same stuff available online as they do in store, but I’m pretty sure, in the US, they are all over the place so definitely try and check out a store. I got a pair in size 8.5, which is usually is a tad too big for me, but thank gawd these ones fit me perfectly. 
The day I took these pics was a weekend, so really didn’t have anything special to do other than get my nails done, but I knew I’d be parking far away from the nail salon and walking, since it was downtown and parking is a bitch. They held up perfectly just like the regular ones and let me know that they would do just fine when I’m working in them too. 

I wore a basic elbow length striped tee from Pitaya. 
And my favorite new tan leather fringed bag from Steve Madden (that I had snagged for $20 at Buffalo Exchange) Also, wore some black leggings, because I literally live in leggings all day every day. 
As funny as it sounds, these shoes really made me feel more confident and breezy. I was comfortable but they are also cute AF! How could I not love them? 

In case you were wondering, on my face I’m wearing:
MAC Blush in Peachy Keen
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone for  highlight
and voila, I’m ready for the day!

Hope you enjoyed, let me know if you have these shoes and how much you love them! 
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XO, Girli Rae