Makeup Monday: Manny MUA x Makeup Geek Palette

If you’re anything like me, then you have been waiting soooo patiently for the new Manny Mua Palette from Makeup Geek to come, and trust, this baby is hard to get your hands on! However, if you do already have this palette then you already know how absolutely beautiful and glorious it is! (Really, can I just be best friends with Manny already, it would complete me) But, since this palette has so many different versatile looks that you could very well wear all year long, I wanted to do a few quick tutorials with it. I’ll show you 2 today. One, more dramatic, alternative and vampy look- and the other, an everyday classy look! Since I will be doing a full review on the palette later this week I will not be going into full detail about it, but let’s just say, girl, if you don’t have this palette by now, you need to get on that because it’s limited edition and you’ll be sorry you missed out!!

The Looks

This is only going to be an eye tutorial and the lipstick I paired with each look. For the more dramatic look, this is how I achieved it using the Manny Palette:
1. Prime your eye with MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot and set that with a translucent powder.
2. With a fluffy brush, use the color Beaches & Cream in your crease as a transition color.
3. Same brush, use the color Sora, to deepen your crease.
4. With a slightly smaller blending brush, use the color Frappe, just along your crease and little above moving outward to create a winged shape. 
5. Blend all colors together with a clean crease blending brush!
6. With a new clean blending brush, use the color Mars, in the crease of your lid, using a light hand to blend it upwards and outwards until it is covering the upper 2/3 of your lid. Make sure to use even, windshield wiper motions with your brush to blend it all out!
7. Take the color, Aphrodite, and apply it to the inner and outer thirds of your lid with a small shader brush- then again, blend them out!
8. Apply the color, Insomnia, to the middle portion of your lid with a damp small shader brush. This will really make the shimmer in the color pop!
10. Take the color Frappe again, and with a small pencil brush, smudge your lower lash line with that color. 
11. If you’re feeling feisty that day you can take just a bit of Mars on the same brush and smoke out your lower lash line even more!
12. Apply top and bottom mascara, and falsies if you want an even more dramatic look!
13. For the lips, I used, Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Exorcism and Vampira. 
Ta Da! Dramatic eye look complete. 

Everyday Look

1. Prime your eyes using MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot and set it using a translucent powder.
2. With a Fluffy crease blending brush, use the color Sora, in your crease as a base and a transition color.
3. With the same brush, take the color Frappe, and deepen up your crease just a little to add definition. 
4. Take a TINY amount of Aphrodite on a small shader brush and apply to the outer “V” of your eye.
6. With a damp shader brush, pack on the color Cosmopolitan, to the entire lower lid area. Try using MAC Fix+ to dampen your brush before applying. This will make your shade more metallic. 
7. With a clean blending brush, blend the crease colors with the lid color to create more balance. 
8. Use the color Artemis, to highlight your inner corners and brow bone.
9. Lightly smoke out the lower lash line using the color Sora on a small pencil brush.
10. Apply top and bottom mascara to finish off the eye look!
11. I applied Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in the shade Patina on my lips to complete this every day look!
I have to say, I am in love with this palette! I have used it almost every day for either a dramatic or simple look for the past week. There are so many possibilities with this palette! One of the many perks! 
**Side note: When using the colors Mars and Aphrodite, apply them with a very light hand! The color payoff with these two in particular is extreme. So a little goes a very long way! 🙂 
I hope you enjoyed these two looks! If you recreate these looks or have any questions, leave me a comment below. OR connect with me on instagram @girlirae! I would love to see your interpretations!
XO, Girli Rae